How soon will I feel comfortable on the dance floor?

At our Pre-Bronze classes you learn basics of 3 Latin and 3 Standard dances. From this easy start you can continue learning at the Bronze, Silver and finally Gold level.

Every Friday after Pre-Bronze class we hold Practice Dances from 9 PM till midnight. At those Practice Dances there is a wide range of skill level among the dancers. Some students have been dancing for several years, some only few weeks. You can see that some dancers are moving more comfortably on the dance floor than others. The only secret is practice. The more you dance, the more confident you will feel dancing and the more you will enjoy it! Don't be afraid to ask more experienced dancers for a dance. Dancing is a social hobby and those good dancers are thrilled to help and welcome new faces on the dance floor. As they say "the more, the merrier.." You can also learn a lot from watching others that are better than you. Once more…. Practice, practice, practice and that's what the Friday Practice Dances are designed for.

This article was updated on August 31, 2019