Quickstep and Foxtrot

Quickstep and Foxtrot have a common origin. In the twenties many bands played the Slow-Foxtrot too fast, which gave rise to many complaints. Eventually they developed into 2 different dances.

Slow Foxtrot tempo has been slowed down and Quickstep became clearly the fast version of Foxtrot. The Charleston had a lot of influence on the development of Quickstep. Dancing a Quickstep demands a lot of stamina and it is comparable with running 400m on the athletic track.

Slow Foxtrot - often associated with the style of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The dance was introduced in 1913 by Harry Fox, a musical dancer. The great fascination of Foxtrot is the amazing variety of interpretations we see today of what is basically such a simple dance. The combination of quick and fast steps allows more flexibility and gives great dancing pleasure. In some ways, Foxtrot is the hardest dance to learn.

This article was updated on August 31, 2019