Margaret and Ted are the best!

- Evan


Dancing is a way of life for me at Ted Motyka Dance Studio.

I dance several times a week in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.  The dance studio is very spacious and elegant as you would imagine dancing in a beautiful ballroom.  Quite often attend without a partner to dance with but very rarely do I dance alone.  The instructors are accommodating and will challenge your creativity and offer you the encouragement to achieve your goals.  The Friday night practices and Gala Dances throughout the year are an added plus which i always look forward to.  Thank You Ted and Margaret for sharing your tremendous knowledge and love of dance.

- Linda Niewczas


While I was learning Latin and ballroom dancing, I found it interesting how the man communicates his intentions, so to speak, by touch and nudges, and how the woman reads the communication and knows what to do, and how important it is for the man to learn how to lead properly.  With this in mind, I was inspired to write the following...


One touch brings you near, one touch sends you away,

You know where to go, I dont even say.

One touch for the New Yorker, arms open wide,

One touch for the Promenade, then back at my side.

One touch and you turn, one touch and you sway,

You're warm to touch, no worries today.

Quick quick then slow, 'this magic, I think,

Savour the moment, silent in sync.

Thanks to Ted and Margaret Motyka and my dancing friend Isabel.  Spring 2013.


- "Silent in Sync" inspiration penned by Bruce, suave, debonaire, dancer extraordinaire in training.


Taking up ballroom dancing is like planting a tree........You think you should have started twenty years ago, so that you could have enjoyed it all this time.  Actually, the next best time to start is NOW.  Twenty years from today we will look back and say it is the best thing we ever did.  We love it and find it is the highlight of our week.

- Kathy and Bob Gillis


The Japanese movie Shall We Dance has a beautiful line: Dancing makes my heart sing".  We began dancing in 1978.  As we celebrate our silver anniversary of the joy of dance, we can honestly state that this wonderful union of music and movement has brought us much happiness, satisfaction and pleasure -- like a marriage!

- Peter and Jo-Anne (Bostock)


Ted Motyka Dance Studio is great for beginners.  The drop-in format means you can start whenever you want.  When you go, you won't feel alone, because enough new comers drop in on a regular basis that you can always feel comfortably hidden in a group of people at the same level as you.  As you realize how fun it is and keep coming back, the feeling of anonymity won't last long.  The dance studio provides a great atmosphere, from the helpful and approachable instructors to the friendly (and forgiving when acting as your dance partner) people who attend.

- John


....There's a little purple door close to Bannatyne...

     ....Step inside and see what you will find....

         ....Ted is teachin'......He's a gentleman refined....

...Movin' across the floor so bright with shine....

    ....Lovely Margarita has passion and desire...

       ....Her style is smooth with her heart on fire...

...The music moves us both to and fro....

......They share with us, the gift they already know....

.......For as we dance, so shall we grow....

Poem by K.J.


Congratulations on the 25th studio Anniversary!  You have provided such a beautiful home for individuals to come and share their passion for dance!  The work you do is truly admirable and the manner in which you do it is a true testament to the love you have for your art form.  Thank-you for the most wonderful working relationship but more importantly for the most blessed friendship we have nurtured and celebrated over the years.  The ted Motyka Dance Studio has created a legacy that will continue to dance on in the hearts of all who have had the privilege to experience the magic that exists within the 4 walls on McDermot!  May God continue to Bless you Both!!!  Mnohaya Lita!

-Larysa Semchyshyn



This article was updated on November 22, 2022