What kind of shoes do I need?

The shoes are very important for a dancer. At the beginning you can even bring sneakers, but soon you will realize that they will stick to the floor and make it difficult for you to turn and spin properly. So will any rubber-sole shoes.

As the steps get more complex and require more skill, you will soon realize that you need better shoes. Plastic soles are also not ideal - they allow you to spin easier but are too slippery. The best shoes have suede soles. Leather soles are also good. You can have suede soles put on the soles of your most comfortable shoes. Some more advanced dancers have special dance shoes - pumps for standard dances and opened-toed shoes for Latin dances (lady's shoes). Those shoes cost between $130-$160 and you can choose and order them from many catalogues available at our Studio.

Ladies favor shoes with 1-3 inch heels. Platform shoes and sandals are not good for dancing. They are too heavy, the soles are too thick and don't bend or they fall off. It is hard to concentrate on dancing and try to keep your shoes on!! Some ladies wear character shoes and enjoy them a lot! So, basically wear whatever feels comfortable but give yourself the best chance to dance and learn well and safe!

Please, try not to wear the same shoes you have worn outside, or if you must - just wipe them really well. The sand and dirt will make the floor more slippery therefore dangerous and can damage our beautiful hardwood floor.

This article was updated on January 6, 2023